1:30PM • doors 2PM


w/ Kwoat, Gawd Lyfe, Hookz Murdock, Jaye Archer, ZEYI, Rob Stone

21 and over



Gawd Lyfe

Gawd Lyfe
Since 2013, G.A.W.D LYFE has come together to make music for the culture. Representing the streets of Brooklyn, N.Y., the five members, Sparkz GAWD, APEX GAWD, Rhymes, BubbaStaxx, and Dano, have created the sounds of “Boom Trap”. With the right idea to create a crossover of Trap and Rap music, these five members know how to get the audience to catch a vibe.

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Hookz Murdock

Hookz Murdock -one of the headliners
25 Year old Hookz Murdock (also known as YH) has been navigating the NYC underground Hip-Hop scene for years, within both a group setting and as a solo artist. Formally of the group Sha’ir (Sha-ear), Hookz decided to branch out on his own in 2013 & hasn’t looked back since. Razor-sharp lyricism, a number of swift flows and a dash of singing are signature components of his artistry. Through a bevy of musical influences such as Jay Z, Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, Maroon 5, Frank Ocean, J. Cole & Pink Floyd, Hookz has crafted a diverse sound that is dedicated to reaching the pallets of hardcore Hip-Hop fans, casual listeners of the genre & everyone else in between. Influence from pop culture, cinema & comic books are also very present in Hookz’ lyrics & concepts.
Coming up in both Red Hook, Brooklyn & Staten Island, Hookz is a product of different environments, but remains NYC-bred through and through. Graduating from Hofstra University in 2014 with a degree in Public Relations & Sociology, Hookz often uses his college experiences as a foundation for his story telling & his music. With his solo debut, “The Adventures Of...” coming soon, Hookz aims to strengthen his influence within the underground & expand his horizons beyond the city he loves so much.
Representing his 2G Music Group collective, Hookz hopes to hone his craft & spread positive, creative vibes where ever he goes. Mr. Murdock is a true hero in the making.

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Jaye Archer

Jaye Archer, The 24 year old emcee from Brooklyn - or what he calls "BR00KLYN" has been on a mission to be one of the most significant voices for his city and his generation since his younger days being first introduced to Hip Hop & learning to rhyme from his older brother James. Growing up, Jaye, a son of 6, had an affinity for the culture that grew stronger as he later began to understand the connection that the music made to his life, as well as others while listening to influencing artists in the likes of Nas, Jay Z, Pharell, Kanye West, etc. Which made him work harder on his craft & his message as a writer and a student of the art form. Born in Coney Island, Brooklyn NY. While moving state to state, Jaye was able to experience different lifestyles from its conditions within the community, to the music and messages inspired by the climate of particular areas during his brief moments in these areas serving as inspiration creatively while adapting to constant changes. After co creating multiple movements and successfully being influential amongst his peers and competiton from battle rap as a kid, to live shows as a teen, Jaye always had a vision to be a force within music & to make the contribution to it & to his city & to shape the future of it, whether collectively or solely. Jaye has since been building his movement, 00718, which is a Organized Lifestyle Representation with the statement being made through supporting individuals of the movement, otherwise known as "FreeAgents" is that 'Sticking to your code is always the key' as said by the Brooklyn born emcee.

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It was 1989, during the turn of hip hop when Zarrette “Zeyi” Rogers made his grand debut. Little did he know, that he would elevate into the musician he is today. Zeyi was introduced to music by his father, who loved to play jazz music like “People Make the World Go Round”. Growing up in the 90’s Zeyi had an interest in mainstream music. However it wasn't until Zeyibegan college when he realized he had a deep passion for all genres of music.

Connecticut College was the birth place of Zeyi’s musical career. Playing around on his Gateway desktop, Zeyi and friends experimented with music. Once he realized the love he had for the art he made the life shifting decision to pursue his musical career. After transferring to Hamilton College, (WHERE) he joined H.E.O.P (High Enfluence on People) consisting of 2 other artists in addition to Zeyi. It was during this timeframe that he released his first mixtape titled, ’80’s Baby’ which, gained local support, motivating Zeyi to proceed with his sophomore and junior mixtape, ‘Junior Boy’ and Swagger Central.

Zeyi followed Swagger Central with a 19 track project titled, ‘Working for Bill” which allowed Zeyi to showcase his artistic side specifically with his first visual for single “Dark Brown Shades” shot by LPZ Media. It was during Working For Bill, where Zeyilearned that performing was a craft which required as much growth and attention as the music itself.

During his progression Zeyi joined ‘City Lights”, a creative music collaboration including City Magic and Christian Express (of Rec Philly) associated with the musical movement, ‘City Lights’. It was during his affiliation with City Lights when Zeyi began producing and engineering his own music.

“Being a performing artist and a recording artist are two different entities” - Zeyi

Recently Zeyi has grown musically and has opened for artist such as Three 6 Mafia, Talib Kweli, Dave East and Manolo Rose. He also participating in the Dean’s List Tour and has been an act since 2013. Touring across states at diverse colleges and sharing his talent with anyone who appreciates his music.

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Rob Stone

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