Bone Lick BBQ


Just upstairs from the Music Room is the AMAZING Bone Lick BBQ. This incredible full menu is available at the bar until midnight during the week and until 1am on the weekends.

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BBQ is a southern staple. And there are thousands, if not millions, of variations of it. From technique (Carolina, Eastern North Carolina, South Carolina, Memphis Style, KC Style, Texas Style), to spelling (barbecue, barbeque, Bar-b-q, BBQ, Q, Cue, etc.), everyone has their own opinion. Bone Lick is no exception.

However, instead of trying to grab on to some singular interpretation, we focus on making BBQ that is delicious and right on point: big, bold, a decent amount of spice, and a rich, smoky flavor. We are not from North Carolina, We are not from Kansas City, We are not from Texas, but we have been to all of those places and brought the best of the best techniques and flavors back here to Atlanta, Georgia, the place we are proud to call home…

It started decades ago when Chef Mike LaSage first tasted the smoky deliciousness of some BBQ that his dad brought home from a road side shack... That taste changed his life. He spent decades chasing the memory of that flavor all over the country, from bbq town to bbq town, only to eventually take it upon himself to master the art that had been a, thus far, lifelong culinary quest: the perfect blend of bold spices and strong smoke; the flavor that embodies southern culinary tradition; the flavor that captured a favorite boyhood memory: bbq.

Many years later, he partnered up with the fellas from P'cheen, a then bustling institution on the forefront of the casual gastro scene, and said "Let's do something ridiculous." Mike's Bone Lick BBQ, one of Atlanta's first "Pop-Up" restaurants, was born.

Slinging delicious slow smoked BBQ once a week, Chef Mike LaSage was soon making bbq converts of folks from all over Atlanta and it's many suburbs. Bone Lick BBQ quickly became a name on many Atlantan's lips as they lined up on Monday nights to sample this southern gold. Once Atlanta Magazine named it the best in the city, it became clear to Mike + Co. that a brick and mortar needed to be built. And so it began.